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Outlook Send mail - attachments are collection of strings - send from shared mailboxes - move mail to folder after send split mails in replied/unreplied lists - follow up mails that should be replied within a certain time frame extract data from mailItem object
UiPath Excel Extended Activities
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  • Excel
This .Net Workflow Activity library allows easy integration with Excel. The Activities will mimic human actions. It also works with large excel files
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Versions 6.1.7601.* are unofficial packages for .Net 4.0 and are not supported by Microsoft. They will be replaced with an official copy for netstandard1.6 (CoreCLR) at a later date.
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UiPathTeam File Activities 1. Get Last Modified Returns the latest modified file in a folder that matches a cetrain name pattern.
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Executes Salesforce SOQL Query, Inserts Record into Salesforce Object, Updates an Existing Record using ID, Upsert a Record. Contains 8 Activities: 1. Execute SOQL PROD - To Execute the SOQL Query on Production Instances. (e.g. 2. Execute SOQL SANDBOX - To Execute the SOQL... More information
1.Pie,Column,Line,Bar charts for the excel data. 2.Rename Work Sheet. 3.Column Hide/Unhide activity 4.Row Hide/Unhide activity 5.Copy Data activity 6.Delete Data activity 7.Clipboard To Datatable activity 8.Merge Cells,UnMerge Cells. 9.Excel to Access export option 10. Comment... More information
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This nuget package can be used to encrypt/decrypt a file or a string. It uses “Rijndael Alogrithm” for encryption and decryption.
1.Simple download file . 2.Zip the files [Multiple folder option]. 3.UnZip the Zip flie. 4.Directory Size 5.File Size 6.ServiceStatus 7.ServiceExecute 8.Log file 9.Currency Converter 10.Download File from a link 11.Exchange Rate
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Includes 5 Custom Activities: Publish Tweet: Publish a tweet with or without image to your twitter account. Publish Media Tweet: Publish a tweet with Media(Video) to your twitter account. Delete Tweet: Delete's a specified tweet from the twitter account. It accepts tweet id with variable type as... More information
A simple interactive attended robot status notification. ("stop light" like, red - stop, green - go, yellow - neutral). Meant for human users sharing machine with the attended robot. It's sync (in this version) and the status displays for 2 seconds. Based on an idea and VB code by vvaidya on UiPath... More information
This Custom Activity is a wrapper on top of HTML Agility Pack ( ) to allow using XPath queries ( ) against HTML pages (obtained with HTTP request). NOTE: It does not work with dynamic (Java Script) components/controls, just... More information
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Some excel activities: 1) Save xlsx, xls as PDF (reads excel file as read-only mode and saves as PDF) Save as PDF - you can select Sheets Example 1: "Sheet1, Sheet3" Example 2: "Sheet2" Default: all sheets. 2) Auto Fit Cells in xlsx, xls files 3) Refresh All Sheets 4) Read Range (read-only mode)... More information