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UiPathTeam File Activities 1. Get Last Modified Returns the latest modified file in a folder that matches a cetrain name pattern.
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Versions 6.1.7601.* are unofficial packages for .Net 4.0 and are not supported by Microsoft. They will be replaced with an official copy for netstandard1.6 (CoreCLR) at a later date.
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Two-factor authentication activities for Google, Microsoft and Okta Verify based on the Secret Key generated when you enroll a device in the program
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Outlook Send mail - attachments are collection of strings - send from shared mailboxes - move mail to folder after send split mails in replied/unreplied lists - follow up mails that should be replied within a certain time frame extract data from mailItem object
This package contains the nearly more than 30 custom activities. It is related to the Workbook, worksheet and sheet data. In Resource Tab I have attached details of all the components. It helps and makes easy you to do more process into the excel file. All components can configure very user... More information
1.Simple download file . 2.Zip the files [Multiple folder option]. 3.UnZip the Zip flie. 4.Directory Size 5.File Size 6.ServiceStatus 7.ServiceExecute 8.Log file 9.Currency Converter 10.Download File from a link 11.Exchange Rate
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Executes Salesforce SOQL Query, Inserts Record into Salesforce Object, Updates an Existing Record using ID, Upsert a Record. Contains 8 Activities: 1. Execute SOQL PROD - To Execute the SOQL Query on Production Instances. (e.g. 2. Execute SOQL SANDBOX - To Execute the SOQL... More information
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This nuget package can be used to encrypt/decrypt a file or Text. It uses Rijndael Alogrithm for encryption and decryption.
This Custom Activity is a wrapper on top of HTML Agility Pack ( ) to allow using XPath queries ( ) against HTML pages (obtained with HTTP request). NOTE: It does not work with dynamic (Java Script) components/controls, just... More information
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Includes 5 Custom Activities: Publish Tweet: Publish a tweet with or without image to your twitter account. Publish Media Tweet: Publish a tweet with Media(Video) to your twitter account. Delete Tweet: Delete's a specified tweet from the twitter account. It accepts tweet id with variable type as... More information