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Executes Salesforce SOQL Query, Inserts Record into Salesforce Object, Updates an Existing Record using ID, Upsert a Record. Contains 8 Activities: 1. Execute SOQL PROD - To Execute the SOQL Query on Production Instances. (e.g. 2. Execute SOQL SANDBOX - To Execute the SOQL... More information
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Includes 5 Custom Activities: Publish Tweet: Publish a tweet with or without image to your twitter account. Publish Media Tweet: Publish a tweet with Media(Video) to your twitter account. Delete Tweet: Delete's a specified tweet from the twitter account. It accepts tweet id with variable type as... More information
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Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
PDF activities
This activity contains followin actions: 1. Read full PDF 2. Get pages count 3. Read specific page 4. Read between pages 5. Read text between a region Dependency: iTextSharp.dll
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Generates a random password with the combination of strings, numbers and special characters using RNGCrypto algorithm. The length of the random string generated is 8. This activity can be used to reset passwords or to create unique characters.
Windows Activities for UiPath 1.MoveFolder 2.CopyFolder 3.Zip 4.UnZip 5.GetServiceStatus 6.StartService 7.StopService 8.GetInstalledPrograms 9.GetDiskSpace