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Generates a random password with the combination of strings, numbers and special characters using RNGCrypto algorithm. The length of the random string generated is 8. This activity can be used to reset passwords or to create unique characters.
Windows Activities for UiPath 1.MoveFolder 2.CopyFolder 3.Zip 4.UnZip 5.GetServiceStatus 6.StartService 7.StopService 8.GetInstalledPrograms 9.GetDiskSpace
This .Net Workflow Activity library allows easy integration with Enate v7 and above. The Activities will perform authentication when necessary and allow a single authentication token to be passed between concurrent calls to improve performance. All date/time values are passed in UTC.
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Services manager package contains four activities below. The mandatory input field ServiceName is expected as the service name in the general tab of service property sheet. The workflow will be blocked until the service operation finishes or the amount of time specified in Timeout field is reached.... More information
PDF activities
This activity contains followin actions: 1. Read full PDF 2. Get pages count 3. Read specific page 4. Read between pages 5. Read text between a region Dependency: iTextSharp.dll
Color Detector
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[1] To get the RBG value of X and Y coordinate and identify the color using Euclidean Shortest Distance formula. [2] To get the list of colors from the image Special Thanks to Arif Khan for the Idea of extracting colors from the image.