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Services manager package contains four activities below. The mandatory input field ServiceName is expected as the service name in the general tab of service property sheet. The workflow will be blocked until the service operation finishes or the amount of time specified in Timeout field is reached.... More information
Color Detector
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[1] To get the RBG value of X and Y coordinate and identify the color using Euclidean Shortest Distance formula. [2] To get the list of colors from the image Special Thanks to Arif Khan for the Idea of extracting colors from the image.
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  • serviceNow Snow
90 Activities and 5 wizards that allow you to do a very fast implementation for ServiceNow. 18K+ downlaods. The ServiceNow Activity package contains around 60 activities that allow you to perform various operations such as adding, deleting, updating, or getting (ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or GET) on... More information
This .Net Workflow Activity library allows easy integration with Enate v7 and above. The Activities will perform authentication when necessary and allow a single authentication token to be passed between concurrent calls to improve performance. All date/time values are passed in UTC.
Variable Comparer Activity
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  • TDD unit test
Assembly that is to be used with the "UiPath Testing Framework" for UiPath. Contains "Assert Unit Test" custom activity. To add this library to the UiPath: 1. Open workflow where you want to use this assembly. 2. At the bottom of the page click "Imports" 3. In the... More information
UiPath Test Report Generator
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  • Latest version: 1.4.1
Custom activity package contains 2 Activity to define a workflow as an independent test i.e. 'Start Test' & 'End Test'. You can have 100s of test created within your project and then finally when you run your automation it generates an HTML Report and an XML Report with all the details of the test... More information
Word Activities
This pack enables you to perform some cool operations in word documents such as - 1. Copy word document and paste into another with formatting. 2. Copy Paste specific content 3. Replace text 4. Text Formatting 5. Get Page Count 6. Insert Header 7. Insert Footer 8. Insert Table 9. Create Paragraph... More information