BalaReva.Word.Activities 4.0.0

This package contains the below Activities.
FindReplace -  Find and replace the entire document
RemoveDisplayLineNumber - To remove the display line number
WordStatistics- Can get the WordCount , Total Pages,Total Lines,Total Characters,Total CharactersWithSpaces and Total Paragraphs
InsertTable - Insert new table in the document.
SetTableValue - Set the value into the table
DeleteTable - Delete the table
CopyTable To Clipboard - Copy the table to Clipboard
Table Insert Rows
Table Insert Columns
Table Delete Row
Table Delete Column
Table Info
Change Password
Create Document
Merge Documents
Read Header Footer
Remove Header Footer
Add Page Break
Word Statistics
Insert Data Table
Table AutoFit
Table Count
Table Style


UiPath Studio

Package Manager -> Right Click -> Configure Sources -> Add

Release Notes

1.0.0 - New
2.0.0 - New activities Insert Rows,Insert Columns,Delete Row,Delete Column,Table Info
4.0.0 - New Activities Change Password, Create Document, Merge Documents, InsertHeaderFooter, Read Header Footer,Remove Header Footer, Add Page Break, Paste, Word Statistics, Insert Data Table, Table AutoFit, Table Count, Table Style

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
6.1.0 126 8/20/2020
4.0.0 (current version) 106 7/23/2020
1.0.0 66 7/7/2020