DataTableManipulation.Activities 1.1.0

Datatable is an important datatype in UiPath as we can store lot of information in a single variable and use whenever we want but if we have to take advantage of this datatype we have manipulate the datatable more frequently. This package has activites which we can use to manipulathe the datatable in a more advanced way.

Activities Lists :

     • Select Top N Rows
     • Select Bottom N Rows
     • Select Custom N Rows
     • Select Particular columns
     • Remove Particular columns
     • Search Row Index
     • Convert to HtmlTable
     • Convert to Collection
     • Add SNo Column
     • Math Operations
     • Rename column
     • Reorder column
     • Reverse DataTable
     • Clone DataTable
     • Count


UiPath Studio

Package Manager -> Right Click -> Configure Sources -> Add

  • .NETFramework 4.6.1

    • No dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.0 (current version) 101 7/7/2020
1.0.0 8 6/30/2020