Excel_Extensions 1.0.17


Some excel activities:
1) Save xlsx, xls as PDF (reads excel file as read-only mode and saves as PDF)
Save as PDF - you can select Sheets
Example 1: "Sheet1, Sheet3"
Example 2: "Sheet2"
Default: all sheets.

2) Auto Fit Cells in xlsx, xls files
3) Refresh All Sheets
4) Read Range (read-only mode) (reads excel file even if its opened by antoher user)
5) Read Cell (read-only mode) (reads excel file even if its opened by antoher user)
6) Hide (columns and rows) (the variable "Ranges" must be separated by commas)
Example 1: Ranges: "2:5" will hide 2,3,4,5 rows
Example 2: Ranges: "A:A" will hide A column
Example 3: Ranges: "A1:B2" will hide A, B columns and 1,2 rows
Example 4: Ranges: "C:C,H:H,1:1" will hide A, H columns and 1 row


UiPath Studio

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Release Notes

Added new Excel activity "Hide"


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.17 (current version) 7,592 10/30/2018
1.0.15 7,427 8/26/2018
1.0.13 1,367 8/16/2018
1.0.1 1,908 7/26/2018
1.0.0 361 7/24/2018