RenameMultipleColumnsInDataTable.Activities 1.0.0


Rename multiple columns in DataTable

Input Parameters:

1.) InputColumnsRenameMapping:- Dictionary<string,string> where key is old column name and value is new column name e.g.

new Dictionary(of String, String) from {{"sf:ID",  "Employee_ID"}, {"Name", "FullName"}}

In above Code old column1-"sf:ID" will be renamed to "Employee_ID" and column2-"Name" to "FullName"

2.)InputDataTable:- DataTable whose columns to be renamed

Output Parameters:

1.)OutputDataTable:- DataTable with renamed column names


UiPath Studio

Package Manager -> Right Click -> Configure Sources -> Add


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1.0.0 (current version) 112 3/5/2020