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This package provide commmanly used utility methods around DataTable.This custom activity provides ability to Convert DataTable to HTML table, Convert to JSON, Find Min,Max and Average of column,Find Column Names and Rename Column in a DataTable
Insystech DLP Custom Activities extends UiPath workflows to automate the de-identification of content by masking personal and confidential information found in documents like Invoices, POs, Contracts, HR Forms, and more..
C# class built to be used within UiPath REFramework. It will hold values that are required for a REFramework to work correctly, like TransactionNumber, RetryNumber, etc. This package was generated using the UiPath VS Extension.
The DevOps Azure UiPath Custom Activity package is a core sets of operations (methods), which provide create, retrieve, update, or delete access to the Azure DevOps service's resources. It consist of 56 activities that are grouped in 10 Core components, Area, Git, Group, Iteration, Process, Project,... More information
This activities package provides function to monitor resource information for whole the system and specific processes. Then we can have a chance to avoid unexpected matter at safe point in advance if check some value shows less resource. It's also useful to check resource in trouble shooting.