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DataTable Plugins
DataTable's are quite frequently used to handle data. However, performing some of the tasks are quite complex. This component includes few activities that can simplify the use of DataTables. Activities included: - DataTable Column Sort - DataTable Aggregation - DataTable Horizontal Merge
This package provide commmanly used utility methods around DataTable.This custom activity provides ability to Convert DataTable to HTML table, Convert to JSON, Find Min,Max and Average of column,Find Column Names and Rename Column in a DataTable
DataTable Column Operations
DataTable Column Operations - composed on 2 activities: ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Remove multiple columns - Removes multiple columns from DataTable Input: 1.)List of Column Names / Indexes to be removed 2.)Input / Output DataTable Output: 1.)Status... More information
Datatable is an important datatype in UiPath as we can store lot of information in a single variable and use whenever we want but if we have to take advantage of this datatype we have manipulate the datatable more frequently. This package has activites which we can use to manipulathe the datatable... More information
Created a new Awesome Query language for Custom activity on Data table manipulation in simple text using UiPath. Ex: 1+2+3+4 | Remove-Duplicates | where Salary > 40000 | Order By Salary Desc | Select SNo=Row(SNo), FirstName, LastName, EmployeeName=FirstName&LastName, Salary, EmployeeType ,... More information
Rename multiple columns in DataTable ********************* Input Parameters: 1.) InputColumnsRenameMapping:- Dictionary<string,string> where key is old column name and value is new column name e.g. new Dictionary(of String, String) from {{"sf:ID", "Employee_ID"}, {"Name", "FullName"}} In above... More information