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This package contains the nearly more than 30 custom activities. It is related to the Workbook, worksheet and sheet data. In Resource Tab I have attached details of all the components. It helps and makes easy you to do more process into the excel file. All components can configure very user... More information
PDF to Excel
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  • last updated 7/4/2019
  • Latest version: 1.0.1
  • pdf to excel Excel PDF
This activity will helps in to extract the PDF text data and tabular form data into Excel file format. SautinSoft used offers a trial version that only converts 3 pages of PDF to Exc el and that it is for evaluation purposes only.
UiPath Custom Activity Package which performs the following : 1. Conver Html Code to PDF File. 2. Edit Header and Footer. 2. Margins. 3. Add Custom CCS Styles. 4. Page size.
Image to Pdf Activities
Package can be used to merge multiple images into a single PDF File. This component can recognize following image file types for merging. GIF File PNG File JPG/JPEG File BMP File TIF File The component requires two input parameters. ImagesFolderPath - Has to be a valid folder path where images are... More information
UiPath Activities from PDF.co. All Activities are powered by PDF.co. All API runs on the secure Amazon AWS infrastructure. All data transfers are encrypted by SSL/TLS encryption. Inbuilt OCR support. 1. PDF.co Scope Handles the authentication to the PDF.co services. 2. PDF to Text... More information
ResistantAI system receives document such as PDF or JPEG via a secure API and returns an estimate of document authenticity, or occasionally, lack of authenticity. The system inspects the submitted financial and other documents for signs of manipulation and raises an alert when a modification, file... More information