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TextScope - It is a scope activity.It keeps only the file path. It doesn't keep the text file resource. DeleteAt - Delete the line at specific line Find & Replace All - Find and replace in entire file. FindReplaceAt - Find and replace the text in a specific from and to line (if doesn't know the To... More information
Kill User Specific Process
Kill applications running for a specific user account. This is very useful while using High Density robots, in high density robot architecture, a single machine will run multiple instance of robots. In this case, killing a process using the default kill process activity, the process will be killed... More information
Created a new Awesome Query language for Custom activity on Data table manipulation in simple text using UiPath. Ex: 1+2+3+4 | Remove-Duplicates | where Salary > 40000 | Order By Salary Desc | Select SNo=Row(SNo), FirstName, LastName, EmployeeName=FirstName&LastName, Salary, EmployeeType ,... More information