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Word Activities
This pack enables you to perform some cool operations in word documents such as - 1. Copy word document and paste into another with formatting. 2. Copy Paste specific content 3. Replace text 4. Text Formatting 5. Get Page Count 6. Insert Header 7. Insert Footer 8. Insert Table 9. Create Paragraph... More information
This package contains the below Activities. FindReplace - Find and replace the entire document RemoveDisplayLineNumber - To remove the display line number WordStatistics- Can get the WordCount , Total Pages,Total Lines,Total Characters,Total CharactersWithSpaces and Total Paragraphs InsertTable -... More information
Any standard Word file (doc, docx, rtf) can be converted/ saved as the available options given in the activity dropdown. Other instructions in the published documents or tool tips when hovered over properties.
This package allows to add or inser all the images or screenshots in Microsoft word document . User needs to give a path of document along with document name( if document is not present at given location then activity will create a document ) , Image formats , Image folder path then package will... More information