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  • Adobe Sign Activity
The activities in the Adobe Sign component developed for UIPath Studio allows the user to interact seamlessly with Adobe Sign APIs. The Adobe Sign component contains 30 activities (will add more activities in future) that allows user to perform various operations like Creating a signed document,... More information
Core activities to work with Microsoft LUIS which enable the robots to create and configure LUIS Applications, manipulate Entities, Intents, Utterances and get Predictions from LUIS Applications.
UiPath Learner Should Stop Activity
UL ShouldStop-Checks if somebody stopped a running process in PiP using the Stop option in UL SholdStop Applicaiton. This activity assures a smooth termination of a process in PiP since it prevents the sudden interruption of an ongoing process. It also allows the user to configure the workflow such... More information
Any standard Word file (doc, docx, rtf) can be converted/ saved as the available options given in the activity dropdown. Other instructions in the published documents or tool tips when hovered over properties.