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This activity converts the csv file to an excel file .The activity has the options [Input-format]. It helps to convert the column which the user desires.Main While doing the conversion , will face is issue zero omission convert to string. Date format that can fix by user
UiPath Custom Activity Package which performs the following : 1. Conver Html Code to PDF File. 2. Edit Header and Footer. 2. Margins. 3. Add Custom CCS Styles. 4. Page size.
Contains four activities: 1. Convert diacritics in provided string to non-diacritic string. 2. Return false/true if provided string not/contains diacritics. 3. Convert accented characters to non-accented. 4. Return false/true if provided string not/contains accented letters. Supports diacrtirics... More information
Word Conversion other format
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This custom activity converts Word files using the COM Interop library into following format. PDFs, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), Text, XML, Xps. It takes File path as input and convert it into different avaiable format based on user choose option.
UiPath Activities from PDF.co. All Activities are powered by PDF.co. All API runs on the secure Amazon AWS infrastructure. All data transfers are encrypted by SSL/TLS encryption. Inbuilt OCR support. 1. PDF.co Scope Handles the authentication to the PDF.co services. 2. PDF to Text... More information