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DataTable Plugins
DataTable's are quite frequently used to handle data. However, performing some of the tasks are quite complex. This component includes few activities that can simplify the use of DataTables. Activities included: - DataTable Column Sort - DataTable Aggregation - DataTable Horizontal Merge
Basic Finance Calculations
The first step towards financial security is taking control of your finances. Money management is an art which includes saving the right amounts and investing in the right instruments. However, there are several factors such as inflation and time that lower the value of money. Therefore, it is... More information
Activities that retrieve postal codes for a given place and associated places for a given postal code. Output is in a deserialized JObject. Supports as many as 70 countries including US, Canada, Australia and others. Powered by zippopotam.us/ Please refer zippopotam.us/ for the list and format of... More information