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UiPath Studio開発において、.NET Frameworkの各種メソッドを知らなくても、下記分類のデータ操作またはシステム(OS)操作を可能にするパッケージになります。 1.日時 2.文字列操作 3.型変換 4.メール 5.プロセス 6.フォルダー 7.ファイル 8.バリデーション 9.OS
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This library is useful to make string operation easy (without writing code / syntax). Just drag and drop and set parameter as need and you are done.
PDF Redaction
Custom activity for PDF redaction without the use of any third party software. This custom code was built to find, manipulate, and irreversibly redact confidential text, and output a fully redacted PDF document.
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This activity helps to find out list of all the depedencies and versions from UiPath Project Repository. After running this activity, output excel file will be created at user's desktop. This file will be helpful when user wants to update the packages using Project Dependencies Mass Update tool.
The activity involves saving the file to the desired location specified by user after he/she has clicked on the file to download. The time, the activity has to wait for the download to complete has been made configurable. While saving to the destination the user wants to overwrite the file or not... More information
The activity kills multiple process by taking array of strings as 'ProcessNames' and also kills multiple instance of same process. It returns an output variable <Boolean> which defines the execution status of activity. If the value is False, it means execution was successful