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Input arguments: FilePath: represents the path of PDF IgnoreCase: is case insensitive Pages: a string that represents the list of pages to be searched. Valid examples: "1", "1, 2, 3", "1-7","1,2,4-6"  and empty value for all pages. Rows: number of lines before and after the line where the matched... More information
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Calendar activities packages will contain two activities, one to get holiday list from specified date range and the other one to calculate the next N days business date given a start date. Holiday data will be stored in local since most of the client environments have the internet access... More information
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Services manager package contains four activities below. The mandatory input field ServiceName is expected as the service name in the general tab of service property sheet. The workflow will be blocked until the service operation finishes or the amount of time specified in Timeout field is reached.... More information